Birthtime Bed

Birthtime Bed

Product Code: BD117
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Height Adjustable (Hydraulic) 530-840mm Removable Head and Foot Bows with Laminated Infill Panels Slide Away Foot Piece Mattress Base is Solid Formica Cut Out Locating a Stainless Steel Tray is Provided Underneath Patient Pelvic Section Side Rails Situated At Long Lenght of bed for Fittings of Accessories Trendellenberg Gas Assisted Adjustable Backrest 1x pair Lithotomy Poles 1x pair Grip Handles 2x Piece 150mm Mattress with Waterproof Removable Cover Mild Steel Epoxy Powder Coated Finish Approximate Dimensions: Length: 2100mm(Overall) x 1520mm (Retracted) Approximate Dimensions: Width: 1000mm(Oerall) x 900mm (Mattress Seat) Approximate Dimensions: Height: 530-840mm 

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